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Trust is a confident relationship with the unknown

Rachel Botsman.

The Allusionist

Episode no. 96, Trust

In this episode of a reliably intriguing and uplifting podcast about language and humanity, Helen Zaltzman talks to Rachel Botsman about trust, and how the way we trust is changing in the digital world.

The Political Party

Episode 19, Tessa Jowell
You certainly don’t have to agree with Tessa Jowell’s politics to be moved by her passion for public service in this interview from 2014. It is a joy to listen to someone speaking with such conviction about civic duty and she reminds us all of the responsibilities of leadership


Season 4, examining the current culture of business and work. Episode 4 

Illustration by Sara Wong - www.saraarielwong.com

Media entrepreneur and ‘influencer’ Grace Bonney talks about her decision to wind down her business after 15 years, in an intriguing challenge to our widely shared assumption that growth is the definition of success in our lives and work.